Air-cooling by passing air through cooling coils is primarily a food industry application, particularly in frozen food plants. The fans can be either forced-draft or induced-draft types but will all share the same requirement of ease of cleaning, usually dictating construction from stainless steel and a polished ‘crevice-free’ design. Depending upon the industry and application, the impeller may need to be made from corrosion resistant material and able to withstand extremes of temperature.

Relevant construction materials:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • FRP

Common fan features

  • Impeller inspection hatches.
  • Acoustic and thermal lagging solutions.
  • Inlet / outlet silencers as well as complete acoustic chambers.
  • Inlet Guide Vane, louvre, butterfly or guillotine dampers.
  • Safety guards and electrical isolators.
  • Ambient air inlet filters and silencers.

Applications involving extreme temperatures, down to -50oC and as high as 850oC, or dealing with explosive, poisonous or corrosive gases, mandate the use of exotic materials such as Hastelloy or Titanium, to ensure long-term reliability and safety. Many of the special features incorporated into our fans have been designed to meet our customer’s special needs and the following list gives a taste of Halifax Fan’s wide experience. That experience is there to meet the challenge presented by your fan application.