The choice of fan for process heating applications will depend on whether the air is forced (FD) or pulled (ID). ID fans for process heating will require a high-temperature performance particularly of the bearings to ensure high reliability since the heated air passes through the fan. Smooth airflow for controlled combustion or heating is critical in these applications, as is reliability, mandating careful selection of impeller design, construction materials and special features.

Relevant construction materials:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • FRP

Common fan features

  • Impeller inspection hatches.
  • Acoustic and thermal lagging solutions.
  • Inlet / outlet silencers as well as complete acoustic chambers.
  • Inlet Guide Vane, louvre, butterfly or guillotine dampers.
  • Safety guards and electrical isolators.
  • Ambient air inlet filters and silencers.

Applications involving extreme temperatures, down to -50oC and as high as 850oC, or dealing with explosive, poisonous or corrosive gases, mandate the use of exotic materials such as Hastelloy or Titanium, to ensure long-term reliability and safety. Many of the special features incorporated into our fans have been designed to meet our customer’s special needs and the following list gives a taste of Halifax Fan’s wide experience. That experience is there to meet the challenge presented by your fan application.