55 years of manufacturing excellence

In 1965 Halifax Fan was founded to design and manufacture fans for the local textile machine companies and factories.

Halifax Fan - 55 years young

It might seem like yesterday to some but a lot has happened since 1965. Man hadn’t stepped on the moon, average UK annual income was £750, My Fair Lady was the top movie and J.K. Rowling was born.

This was the year Halifax Fan was founded to design and manufacture fans for the local textile machine companies and factories.

Most of those textile factories are long gone but conversely, Halifax Fan has gone from strength to strength, today with factories on three continents and a global reputation for high specification custom fans to meet the most demanding applications on land and sea.


Halifax Fan was established in 1965 and launched with this 'retro' logo. It's gone through some facelifts since.


Founder David Scott explains the layout of the new bigger factory in Brighouse to his management team.


The style of the advertising isn’t the only thing that’s changed. The quality and reliability of Halifax fans is as high as ever but fan efficiency is even higher with the use of today’s computer based design and manufacturing tools.


The message may seem corny but regular customers still buy from Halifax Fan because all their fan problems have been blown away.


No-one takes a flyer when they buy their fans from Halifax Fan. Quality, reliability and efficiency are guaranteed. Some fans have lasted a lot longer than some of the aircraft did – but our fans don’t take any flak.


Make sure no-one is trapped inside before you button it up Dave.


The doors open in 6 minutes and our stand will be flooded with customers ... I hope!


Just another 14 motors to fit for this job then it’s off for the weekend.


They better have ordered up a big enough truck for this big boy to get it to the docks.


Maybe one day my computer will have a bigger screen, maybe even in colour. Nah! Stop dreaming and crack on with this job.


Thinks David Scott, “I’ll be glad to get these local councillors out of the way and we can finish building this fan and get it shipped and invoiced”


I wasn’t sure what the foreman meant when he said he was giving me a well rounded job.


I wonder if that Sinclair calculator thingy would be better than my old slide-rule?


“I think they’ve stopped looking for me, should I not be in the line-up too?”


Get this lot on the way to the exhibition and I can get home