Plug and play fan replacement for a UK chocolate biscuit factory

A super chocolate biscuit factory in the U.K contacted us about a problem they were having with some old fans which kept breaking down.  

We visited and immediately identified that the fans were not rated for the 200°c running temperature.  On the back of our findings we offered two solutions a belt driven unit to the same set up as existing, but now rated for 300°c max temperature with an insulated plug section and an aluminium cooling disc.

The other solution we really suggested was a direct drive fan with the impeller mounted onto the motor shaft via a heat dissipation coupling also rated for 300°c max temperature and a VSD to ensure the specific duty point could be met.  The customer elected to go with the belt driven option as they did not want to get into more electrical work.

The fan we replaced was not a Halifax Fan design, our design team liaised with the customer and measured up the old fan for us to ensure the customer could receive the fan and “plug and play” with the replacement.

The customer is delighted with the new fan and says it is running sweetly. 

They are looking forward to years of running with reduced maintenance and failures, and we are looking forward to many years of chocolate biscuit eating.

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