Vibration Experts: Optimizing Industrial Fan Performance

Meet Rajeev, a valued member of our global service team. We’re thrilled to announce that he has recently achieved VCATII certification from the Mobius Institute. Rajeev’s expertise, combined with our commitment to continuous improvement, is enhancing our ability to swiftly address issues in industrial fans.

Rajeev demonstrates his skills by seamlessly uploading vibration data using a Commtest VBx data collector onto our Bentley Nevada software system. This advanced system uploads data to the cloud, granting us remote access to reports from anywhere in the world, facilitating further analysis and comprehensive reporting.

By leveraging cutting-edge tools like these and fostering collaboration among our global specialists across the UK, Asia, and the US, we’re positioned to identify and resolve fan-related issues earlier than ever before. This proactive approach not only minimises downtime but also reduces the overall cost of maintenance, ensuring optimal performance for our customers.

At Halifax Fan, our dedication to training, innovation, and global collaboration is driving us towards a future where industrial fan issues are swiftly identified, analysed, and resolved, delivering unmatched value to our clients.

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