Fans Fit for Hydrogen

Hydrogen is classified as either green or blue. Blue hydrogen is hydrogen produced using natural gas by a process of steam methane reforming, where natural gas is mixed with very hot steam and a catalyst, with carbon emissions captured and safely stored. Green hydrogen is produced when the energy used to power electrolysis comes from renewable sources like wind, water or solar.

Perhaps surprisingly, centrifugal fans or blowers play a vital role in the manufacture of blue hydrogen.  The role of gland exhaust fans is to draw off air and other non-condensable and discharge them to atmosphere, thus promoting efficient operation.  A ground-breaking Air Products net-zero blue hydrogen manufacturing plant using local natural gas, has broken ground in Alberta, Canada and Halifax gland condenser fans have been selected to work alongside Mitsubishi steam turbines.  In Japan, Halifax Fan has been dealing with the leading Japanese supplier in the hydrogen industry.

As a clean, plentiful alternative to fossil fuels, hydrogen is enjoying unprecedented momentum. As part of a select group of 30 companies, Halifax Fan is taking part in the Fit For Hydrogen programme managed by the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre based at the University of Sheffield. This programme is part of the Zero Carbon Humber Partnership, which aims to decarbonise the industrial clutter around the Humber and help UK manufacturers win work in emerging low-carbon sectors including hydrogen fuels and carbon capture.

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