Forging a New Generation of FAN:gineers

Fan engineering apprenticeships

For the past four years at our Halifax Fan headquarters in Brighouse, we have been investing in our future UK manufacturing base by employing engineering apprentices.

High engineering skills, including welding and fabrication, are at the heart of our manufacturing process. This is what we take great pride in and to this end, we entrusted one of our most experienced mentors to lead the apprenticeship training program.

Trevor, who retired a few years back, continues to work with Halifax Fan. He began his career when he was 15 years old & now has a number of teenagers on his hands onto whom he is passing his wisdom and skills. Kind-hearted, with a beautiful Yorkshire sense of humour, Trevor is doing a grand job that he is enjoying enormously, ensuring that the skills developed over many years are not lost.

Through this program we have successfully grown many skilful welders & fabricators. On completion of their training, Halifax offers full time employment to suitable apprentices. Skilled craftsmen are our treasured resource. They are the reason our products are built to last & perform reliably.

The apprenticeship program is run with the help of KITS (Kirkdale Industrial Training Services) in West Yorkshire. Halifax Fan is contributing to the cause of transforming young teenagers lives though education, learning & on-the-job experiences.

Forging a New Generation of FAN:gineers
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