Radial Bladed Industrial Fans for Abrasive Materials

This Open Radial Bladed fan will be used to convey tobacco dust and silica. The casing and impeller are constructed from a special martensitic abrasion resistant steel (Quard® 500). With an average hardness of 500 HBW, the material has a very high resistance to abrasive wear and impact which makes it ideal where long service life is required.

Centrifugal radial fans are essential in industrial material handling applications. When adapted with the suitable specifications, they can handle all types of material substances – from small, light particles to larger, heavier materials.

The already robust construction combined with abrasive resistant materials make these fans essential to systems moving abrasive materials. 

The fan is operating at 1,300 m3/h @ 14,940 Pa, variable speed, with an 18.5kW IE3 (Premium Efficiency) motor. Painted in Ivory / Champagne / Buttermilk to Halifax Fan Paint System PA9 (two pack epoxy). Harry is your man to answer all your questions. 

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