Sponsored education – at the heart of creating dedicated Halifax FAN:gineers.

Creating dedicated Halifax FAN:gineers

Former CEO of General Motors Corporation , Alfred P. Sloan said: “you can take all my assets but if you just leave my organization with me, I can make back all my lost assets in five years.” Clearly his experience is that a company’s people are its most valuable asset.

Halifax Fan supports this belief and invests heavily in its people. In order to become familiar with its corporate philosophy and processes, Halifax sends Chinese employees to its UK HQ for training and sends UK engineers to China to provide in-house training and to better understand the Chinese market. Further, as English is the corporate language, Halifax also offers professional language training in-house.

One of Halifax’s most recent recruits, salesman Kevin Liang, has benefitted from Halifax’s continuing investment in its peoples’ skills. Halifax sponsored Kevin to study for his Master’s degree in Business Administration in Wuhan University; one of the top 10 universities in China, Following two years work experience, Kevin was given the opportunity to study as an exchange student in National Taiwan University.

As Kevin explained “Personally, it has broadened my horizons in terms of how to work with different people from different cultures. It provided an opportunity to experience how to build a team and develop team spirit and inter-team relationships. Our team was far from perfect and while we had internal disagreements, we successfully managed internal discussions, learned to focus on the topic and research the problem at hand and not dwell on emotive issues.”

“I learned to understanding the process to the development of a new product, launching that product onto the market. Previously I had the narrow viewpoint of a salesman; this class broadened my perception of the business as a whole.”

“Certainly, this is only a preliminary step in my personal development and supported by Halifax Fan, I will be making further efforts and studies in learning on-the-job as well as in the classroom. I highly recommend that all my friends and colleagues follow the same path. “

Halifax FAN:gineers.
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