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Halifax Fan UK Enhances Coating Efficiency with Spraytrain

Industrial fans need to cope with extreme levels of humidity, temperature and corrosive environments. To do this Halifax apply high performance protective coatings. Using the latest high performance protective coatings requires specific coating film thicknesses at the application stage.

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Halifax Fan at BulkEx 2023, Warwickshire

The beauty of having a global team is that we are able to design, manufacture, and service fans for our clients worldwide, whatever the location is. In addition, we are able to represent Halifax Fan at industry-specific exhibitions across the globe on the same day.

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At Bangkok Trade Show, 18-20th October

BITEC // 18-20th October // Booth 57, 59

Displaying and talking about fan engineering masterpieces at the Oil & Gas Thailand (OGET). Pictured here is our very own Fan Man, Malcolm Staff, applying the all important finishing touches, hall 101, BITEC.

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